``As time changes our mission can change but our values don't``

mission of Decode careers

Decodecareers.com is an eLearning platform founded by a student-teacher duo with a motive to provide affordable practice-based learning solutions.

In Covid19 when the world is witnessing economic downfall and job loss, Decodecareers.com has gone against the storm and is creating earning opportunities for a brighter future!

“Practice being the key to success” we provide a series of online practice tests in the form of MCQs for school students.

Students can buy the practice tests and enhance their knowledge and conceptual clarity leading to improved scores.

In addition to this, the platform will have a rich collection of extra-curricular modules such as Vedic Maths, Mandala Art, Photography, Calligraphy, to name a few… experts are involved in the designing and development of the modules, who were searching for an opportunity to earn during the lockdown.

People can enroll online and learn at a highly affordable price.

How does it work?

Decodecareers.com’s business model offers to earn opportunities for various stakeholders.

The practice questions for academic modules are designed by teachers and experts giving them earning opportunities.

The sales team of this solution comprises college students, graduates, and housewives who in the current scenario are able to generate sales and earn.

In time to come, we plan to make this platform available internationally, lifting all the boundaries.

“One more point to highlight is that other than the Founder and Media expert the key team consists of first-year management students having an average age of 23 years!”

These courses are available at a very nominal price.

We intend to offer these courses at no cost to NGOs helping students’ in secondary and higher school education.